*goes to kitchen*

*searches cupboards*

*selects yummy food*

*pours/takes some*

"Woah woah woah, too much! Like this is greedy even for me. I need to sort out my shit. Better put some back, you greedy fuck, you"

*proceeds to put back two pieces of cereal*

"Thank the Lord that I have some self-control…"

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I wish my life was a show just so I could make music videos from the footage.

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HAHAHhaahHAHAhAH.. I should have know that was a bad idea;

now I miss you again.

fuck you feelings.


when you get a new theme and you go on your blog 48 times just to look at it

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Brilliant Birthdayyy

So it’s my 18th today and I’ve had such a brilliant birthday!

My friends threw me a surprise partayy last night:

It had been decided (or as far as I was concerned) that I wasn’t going to do anything much for my 18th, because my house is too small for parties and my house is far away from college and my friend’s houses.. and then public places don’t allow underage drinking (legal age is 18 over here, but some of my friends are still 17) so having a party was sort of out-of-the-question.. until at least later in the year when the weather is warmer and I could host something outside….

Buuttt, my mother told me yesterday morning that me and her were going out for a little pre-birthday dinner, which I thought would be pretty nice. 

So I get ready to go out to dinner, I come downstairs at half 7, as arranged for going out… 


When I get downstairs I’m faced with party-poppers and a nice little gathering of my college friends :’) 

So no dinner, but surprisee awesomeness (although I’m still a little butt-hurt about that dinner tbh… just saying.. ;))

I think I just reacted with some “Oh MY GODS” and flailing.

Looked a bit like this


Because I don’t deal with spontaneous excitement well. Like the time I randomly met Cosmo Jarvis (Musician) I was actually dead after. Thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Can’t. Deal.

My friend Jenna had conspired with my mother a little surprise party and got everyone there to celebrate and it was so adorable

and I was sooo genuinely surprised.

Like I don’t understand how I didn’t pick up on it before.

OH. And they were wearing paper cut out masks!
There was Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Jennifer Lawrence, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman & Matt Smith :’)


But it was loverlyyy! <3

About 75% of my tags are some form of:





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  • Zoning out in film class
  • Then I hear it
  • My professor addressing the class
  • “Did anyone pick up on the homosexual subtext in the film….? No….?”
  • This is it
  • All my years of training have been leading up to this moment
  • This is my time to shine

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seething with jealousy because 


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